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100 per cent green electricity at all times

We enable the purchase of 100 per cent green electricity on an industrial scale. Through a targeted analysis of the load profile and based on your procurement strategy, we define the suitable combination of energy products and manage them according to your needs. One example is the possibility to match power generation with consumption for simultaneous supply.

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Support the expansion of renewable energies

mg游戏官方网站 offers industrial companies and energy suppliers the direct purchase of green electricity from specific solar parks and wind farms and enables them to support the construction of new renewable plants. You can make an important contribution to the energy transition.



mg游戏官方网站 has been making clean energy possible for over a century – and we invest 100 per cent of our profits in renewable growth. Our foundation reaches back to 1895 and began with hydropower in Norway. mg游戏官方网站 has since then expanded worldwide with more than 4,000名员工, managing diverse and flexible energy supplies from water, wind, 太阳能和生物废弃物. We power some of the world’s biggest multinationals in their journey to 100 per cent renewable and enable hundreds of small-scale renewable energy producers to thrive.